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Stranglers Bootlegs NO LONGER for Trade!

Please note - I have stopped trading and I have sold this collection, so don't ask me for trades! I've left the lists up as some folk use this for reference, but for the definitive listing you should head over to Burning Up Time's brilliant Every Gig Ever resource.

Other recommended traders

I've traded with Paul Davies for some time, and he is an honest and friendly chap with a large collection. You can see this online here: http://stranglersbootlegs.webs.com/. Please note you will need the latest version of Flash Player to view Paul's site properly.

If you want to trade with a French collector who has a large live collection, I can recommend Pierre Castagné - his email is pierre4488@wanadoo.fr - Pierre has asked me to publicise this on the site.

My ex-collection

Download the lot as a Word Document (336 KB). You can also search the bootlegs using Google.

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