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Polyphonic Size




4 November 1982

Bain Douches, Paris, France (FM Radio): Intro:Action Man, Rendez-Vous, Girlscout, Night is Coming On, Winston & Julia, NBCGMBH, Mother’s Little Helper, King of Hong Kong, Europe, Nagasaki Mon Amour, Le Temps Du Swing


?? ?? 1988

The Marquee, London: JJ Intro, Winston & Julia, Tell Me, Le Soliel des Voyous, Mother’s Little Helper, Le Rabatteur des Sectes

Comments: Excellent intro by JJ, slight dropout on Winston & Julia


?? June 1989

Paddock Sessions, Cambridge Dojo Studio: Tomorrow, Ton Physique, Bateau Ivre, Nosotros, Tomorrow (remix), Bateau Ivre (cut)

Comments: JJ, J Ellis, D. Greenfield, A. Gifford & Manny Elias playing instrumental rehearseals of what would be the last tunes recorded by Polyphonic Size



The Black Cassette: 20 track compilation of demos; includes interview with JJ


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