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5 January 2001

Prime Club, Cologne, Germany

11 February 2001

Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany: Genetix, Skin Deep, Threatened, Coup de Grace, 5 Minutes, Nice 'n' Sleazy, Always the Sun, Never to Look Back, Thrown Away, Golden Brown, Sinister, Goodbye Toulouse, Who Wants The World, Money, Grip, Valley of the Birds, Something Better Change, London Lady, English Towns, Curfew, Tank, All Day And All of the Night, Duchess, Hanging Around, No More Heroes

Comments: Superbly energetic gig

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14 September 2001

Convention, Pontins, Weston-Super-Mare

Acoustic Set: Waltzinblack, Walk on By, Let Me Down Easy, Still Life Face, Southern Mountains, Santfe Kuss, Dutch Moon, In The End, Cruel Garden, Old Codger, Tucker's Grave, Always the Sun

Comments: Missing Golden Brown & Mony Mony

15 September 2001

Convention, Pontins, Weston-Super-Mare

Convention, Pontins, Weston-super-Mare

Electric Set: Longships, The Raven, Threatened, 5 Minutes, Coup de Grace, I've Been Wild, Dead Ringer, Sometimes, Valley of the Birds, Skin Deep, Peaches, Something Better Change, Thrown Away, Who Wants The World, Norfolk Coast, Sinister, Grip, Tank, Curfew,

Comments: Missing Out of Time, Duchess, Hanging Around, No More Heroes. Quality varies – quite a lot of distortion and muffling. For completists only!


16 September 2001

Convention, Pontins, Weston-Super-Mare

JJ Burnel: Un Jour Parfait, Jellyfish, Where I Live (featuring Hannah Burnel), Frog Crossing Road, The Girl and the Sea, Dagenham Dave, Fred and George, In The End, Quark, Strangeness and Charm, The Kiss, Never To Look Back, Go Buddy Go

Speeches: Jet

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