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Why have you done this?

I started by trying to write a list of all the collectable items I knew of, so I could keep up with what I needed to get. I soon realised it would be easier to do it as a website, because other folk could contribute.

Can I contribute?

Yes! If you know of anything that isn't listed, please let me know. Scans are very welcome too, but please email me first to let me know before sending scans as they tend to overload my mailbox - m_mcc@hotmail.com (NB: second character is an underscore _ )

Why don't you list reissues?

I do list reissues that are significantly different or that have extra tracks. I don't list reissues that are simply budget priced/ordinary releases, because very few people are interested in them, and I'm too lazy anyway. This might change in future, particularly if someone were to contribute a nice list!

Why don't you list cassettes?

Again, very few people are interested in them, and again, I'm too lazy. Again, this might change in future…

Why don't you list values for records?

A record is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it. I don't agree with some of the high prices dealers charge for records, and in some cases I think you can get bargains, and I don't want to jinx that! And I might not be right…

Why don't you sell live tapes?

Because it's naughty and I'm not in it for profit. I think it's OK to trade tapes amongst fans. If you have something to trade please email me! My live tapes can be viewed here.

How will I know when the site has been updated?

You can join the mailing list. I'll send an email to the list every time I update the site with anything interesting. I don't pass on your details and you won't get any adverts or spam as a consequence. I hate advertising and I despise spammers.

Do you want to buy records?

I have lots of wants - if you have something to sell, please email me.

Do you own all the records pictured on the site?

Unfortunately not! Many of the mega rarities are scans sent by other collectors.

Who has contributed?

Steve Martin, Paul Davies (the two star contributors!), Greg Greathouse, Jim Radley, Jeff Brown, Adrian Liggins, Zeke Ekholm, Jean-Philippe Cimetiere, Nick Wood, Mike Madden, Philippe Doreau, Anatoly Boshkin, Gordon McKechnie, Philippe Lecourtier, Colin Mace, Chris Lammiman, Richard Kolkman, Tore Stemland, Philippe Arbona, Kevin Maidment, Neil Lawrence, Oliver Breit, Jacob Yngwe, Steven Elkins, Jules Normington, Mike Edwards, Dean Bourne, Paul Abbott, Dave Bloxham, Osamu Kurai, Kosuke Morishita, Simon Hook, Eric Kinzel, Jean-Claude Punkystuff, David Snaith, Julian Martin, John Hallworth, Matthew Adamson, Fred Dunstall, Vincent Rolfe, Pierre Castagne, Stephane Mougenez, Ekaterina Lucky, Tim Richards, Guy Hearn, Mik Shepherd, Tony Raven, Ian McCabe, Ken Worthing, Dave Peck Dave Peck, Brian McLaughlin, Claudio Aloi, Keith Asken, Scott Martin, Toby Harris, Sam Bennett, Christian Hubmaier, Ian Burgess, Detlef Detlefsen and Syd Thomas. Thanks guys!