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London Ladies

First issue titled ‘Live At The Roundhouse’, plain sleeve, pink paper insert

RZM 201
RZM Production

London Ladies

Second issue in picture sleeve

London Ladies

London Ladies

Third issue, gold-on-white Raven cover

London Ladies

Fourth issue, blue-on-white Raven cover

The Request Show

The Request Show

12 live tracks, various origin, red vinyl

11 Records

A Night In London

A Night In London

Double album of Rainbow gig when Hugh was in prison

Poole Dorst (sic)

Multicoloured or red vinyl, sticker, 30-01-83.


Live in Milan 10-10-83

Black or clear vinyl; white, blue or yellow sleeves (pictured)

MB 5333
Juke Box Records, or Wind Records

The Taming of The Hugh Volume 1

The Taming of The Hugh Volume 1

Live in Poole 30 Jan 1983, same gig as above, black label or orange label

Herd Recordings

The Men They Love to Hate

Ipswich Gaumont 81 - plain,orange and green vinyl editions

ACME 004

Let Us Introduce You To The Stranglers

03-02-83. Claims to include unreleased studio track called 'Strangled', which is alas, untrue.


Secret (Browned Seasoned & Thickened)


Live at Verulam Arms 14-02-83



Live, Demo and Radioplay

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Excess Records

Aural Fantasy

Aural Sculpture and Dreamtime Demos. Includes rare vocal track of 'The Beast'

INCA 666

Ziggurat Records

In Private and Public

A reissue of the above Uncensored LP. Plain white sleeve with A4 insert, as pictured


LC 1187
Diamond Sound