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Bootleg 7" Singles

See also Polish Postcards and Russian flexis

3 early demos

3 Early Demos - Bitching/Grip/Go Buddy Go


PV 1618
Pan Vox

John Peel Session

John Peel Session 1977 - Hanging Around/Something Better Change/Goodbye Toulouse/I Feel Like A Wog

Poster sleeve. Sleeve and label. Some copies have white labels.

ST 502 Stigma

Girl From the Snow Country

Girl from the Snow Country/Ode to Joy/Do The European

First issue, blue artwork

JJB 001

Girl from the Snow Country

Girl from the Snow Country/Ode to Joy/Do The European

Second issue, red artwork

JJB 001

1991 Demos

Demos 1991

Blue, green and purple vinyl editions


JJ Interview

JJ interview Picture Disc

Numbered limited edition of 5000, with insert. Un-numbered copies also exist.


Milton Keynes Interview

Interview Picture Disc

Interview from 1988 Amnesty Milton Keynes gig. One of a series of interviews featuring various artists from the press conference. Picture discs are made from magazine cuttings, and therefore feature a range of pictures. Very limited. 

Side A Side B


Jet Black Interview

Jet Black Interview

Red or blue flexidiscs

Black & White Discs

Aural Augasm

Aural Augasm

Numbered 200 copies, with cotton bud

Front Sleeve
Back Sleeve

Vinyl Solution

Golden Brown/Midnight Summer Dream

Golden Brown/Midnight Summer Dream

Both tracks live from Rock In Athens festival, 1985. Clear vinyl single, sleeves hand-numbered run of 50.



Peaches/Go Buddy Go

Bootleg copies of the hyper-rare blackmail sleeve, complete with FREE 4 promo single, some on clear vinyl. The bootleg sleeves have glossy, laser-type print quality, unlike the sugar paper original, and the orange print is much brighter. Many bootleg sleeves appear to have a crease in the top right hand side.

"FREE 4"